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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to Homeopathy - how does it all work?

Homeopathy is one of the most widely used forms of complementary medicine in the world.

It was founded by German doctor Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700s.

Homeopathy is based on the principle of like cures like - e.g coffee can hype someone up, keep them awake at night, they feel alert. The homeopathic remedy Coffea - made from coffee - treats those very same symptoms. It has no physical component of coffee in the remedy, it has the vibrational match of coffee in the remedy.​

Everything is vibrational, everything has its own “tune.” When we’re completely well and there are no physical or emotional disturbances in our lives, we’re in harmony. We feel good, our health is good, our emotions are good. If one of those aspects gets disrupted - say an emotional upset, a cold, or flu - our tune is out of harmony. A homeopathic remedy is gently nudging the body back into balance. It’s vibrationally correcting those notes, so we are back in tune again. I call it the Homeopathic caress. It’s gentle, non-habit forming, and effective.

Homeopathy treats the individual - not the illness.

How long does a consultation take?

The initial consultation for a chronic consultation takes between 60 - 90 minutes.

What is the difference between a Chronic and an Acute consultation?

An Acute consultation is for a more recent event that has a short time frame - more like a first-aid type scenario e.g sore throat, sprain, cold, flu, stomach upset, etc.

A Chronic consultation is for a complaint that has been a problem for a long period of time and won’t resolve on its own without either medical or other therapies. It’s also when someone wants to find out their constitutional remedy.

What sort of questions do you ask in a consultation?

My aim in a consultation is to find out as much about you - the patient - as I can. Homeopathy is an individualized method of healing. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

The more I can find out about what makes you unique as a person, the easier it is to find a remedy that matches your vibration to bring your whole body back into harmony.

The sorts of questions I ask will be: what are your fears, do you have any recurring dreams, what are your food likes and dislikes, what is your sleeping position, what are your hobbies, what’s your favourite time of year, etc.

Do I need to come back after the first consultation?

Generally, this isn’t necessary for after an Acute consultation, but for Chronic or Constitutional consultations, yes. The first consultation is a fact-finding mission, and the remedy initially prescribed will reveal some layers of your mental/emotional/physical health.

Sometimes the initial remedy is all that is required and a follow-up will determine that. Other times more than one remedy is needed for complete restoration of health.

People are complicated and complex - different remedies can be needed as underlying issues are revealed.

How many follow-ups will I need?

This varies from person to person. Some may only need one follow-up, others will need several, and may need 6-8 weekly follow-ups for 6 - 12 months or more. Much like one doesn’t go to a Chiropractor and expect to be completely better after one session, Homeopathy is the same.

How often should I have follow-up consultations?

It varies depending on the issue being treated, generally, a follow-up should take place every 3-4 weeks until the issue is completely resolved.

Do you only prescribe one remedy at a time?

While I am Classically trained, I tailor my prescribing methods to what the client needs. For some clients, they will get the most benefit from one remedy at a time. For others, they may need more than one remedy to take intercurrently. I also endorse the regular use of cell salts, and often prescribe these alongside other remedies. 

What is a Constitutional remedy and why is it important?

A constitutional remedy is a person’s overall core remedy - it can help bring a person back into vibrational balance working to resolve mental, emotional, and physical ailments.

If I’m unwell or having an Acute situation, do I need to take other remedies or just my Constitutional remedy?

It depends on the situation - if it’s more a mental/emotional issue, then a Constitutional remedy is often all that is required. But if it’s a stomach upset for example, or a cold or flu, then an Acute remedy may be needed.

Can I take more than one remedy at a time?

Yes, you can, as long as there is a several hours gap in between taking each remedy. For example, if you’re taking your constitutional remedy but have an acute stomach upset, you can take the Acute remedy during the day, and take the constitutional remedy before going to bed. I suggest a gap of at least 4 hours between different remedies.

Can I use essential oils while taking Homeopathic remedies?

There are various schools of thought on this but in my experience yes, but! I would avoid using essential oils directly on the skin, in the hair, or orally several hours after taking a remedy.

Do I have to change my diet or stop drinking coffee while taking remedies?

No, you don’t. You may naturally feel inclined to change your diet after taking a remedy, but this isn’t a requirement. I may suggest reducing high sugar, high-fat content if it is in excessive amounts. As for coffee, one or two cups a day isn’t a problem if consumed a couple of hours after taking a remedy. Excessive amounts of coffee should be avoided, however.

Where do I get the remedies from?

If you’re in New Zealand, I can ship remedies nationwide. I have affiliations with Homeopathic suppliers worldwide for my international clients, and I will tell you where and how to source the remedies you need.

Can I use Homeopathy while pregnant and breastfeeding?

Yes - Homeopathy is safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding. It is safe for babies and the whole family to use (pets too!).

Shall I stop taking my medications while using Homeopathy?

It is not a requirement to do so and I do not advise anyone to stop medication without their doctor’s advice.

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