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Pregnancy and Post-Partum Support

Pregnancy is a time of enormous change both physically and mentally/emotionally/spiritually for many women. There’s not only the physical aspects of growing a new life and the aches and pains that can accompany it, but it can also be a time when women are more in tune with themselves than ever before. Unhappy aspects of their lives that they may have brushed aside in the past, or unresolved traumas, can become known and not so easy to ignore. Homeopathy is a holistic form of treatment that looks at the whole person - and treats them accordingly. Homeopathy treats the person - not the disease. This is the key factor that sets it apart from conventional medical practices. Homeopathy realizes that the body is not separate from the mind - therefore an emotional upset will affect the body on a physical level. Heal the underlying cause/upset - and the physical ailment fades. Homeopathy also supports the woman throughout the birthing process, whether it is to help turn a breech baby, encourage labor, release retained tissue from a miscarriage, speed up healing post-birth - through to sleep support, heartburn, nausea, emotional highs and lows, and more.

Individualised Pregnancy Coaching 

Pre-conception and pregnancy is a vital time in a woman's life. Optimal health and wellbeing are essential not just for herself, but for her growing baby. I work with women and couples locally and worldwide to support them through their pregnancy journey - from conception through to birth and beyond  - whether it's the first baby or the tenth!​

Every woman has different needs.

I tailor make a package that suits you, your partner, and your family's requirements.

These can include:

- Couples consultations for preconception support

- Pregnancy illness support: (for nausea, heartburn, sciatica, constipation, insomnia etc)

- Planning for birth and post-labor support: Homeopathic remedy guidance for birth partner and Mum-to-be

- Post-partum support: Homeopathic guidance for any postpartum issues including physical issues, postpartum depression, etc

- Well Baby: Guidance and support for common baby complaints such as nappy rash, reflux, teething, colic, etc.  Homeopathy is safe for Mother and Baby - including breastfed babies - with no harmful side effects and is non-habit forming. 

Homebirth & Homeopathy - my personal experience 

When I became pregnant with my eldest child over 20 years ago, I instinctively knew that I wanted my pregnancy and his birth to be as natural as possible. I had been a support person during my nephew’s birth, who was induced and medically managed from about 30 weeks, due to my sister having pre-eclampsia.

I can’t deny seeing the amount of intervention that took place, had a part to play in my determination to do everything I could, to avoid that scenario. Pre-conception I ate well, took my prenatal vitamins, and continued to look after myself as best I could throughout my pregnancy. I developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome and some other minor ailments during my pregnancy and having had a previous miscarriage at 12 weeks, I was extra vigilant in my health care.

I didn’t want to take anything that could have side effects or cause any harm to my unborn baby in any way. I was working as a customer services manager at an organic company at the time, and one of the products we sold a lot of was Homeopathic remedies. I had no idea about Homeopathy (I’d heard of arnica, but that was it), but I knew it was natural, had no side effects, and would do no harm to either myself or my precious cargo. I read up about different remedies and experimented with taking them as various pregnancy-related issues would arise from time to time.

I found they worked beautifully - for everything from nausea, severe cramping from irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, sciatica, and more.

As well as using Homeopathy, I filled my mind with positive home birth stories, and immediately told anyone who started telling me a birthing horror story - that I didn’t want to hear it. I had family members anxious about me having my first child as a home birth - and to keep their negativity from affecting me, I lied and told them I was having a hospital birth. Cowardly maybe, or maybe self-preservation! I had low blood platelets in my final trimester, which threatened my homebirth dream. I tackled this with Homeopathy and had to have regular blood tests to check my platelet count. I even had to have a blood test as my labor quietly began at home!


Long story short, my baby boy was born at home, in a birth pool with no problems or interventions. A healthy, happy baby, and a healthy, happy, tired Mother! (Followed six years later by an equally Homeopathically raised daughter).

Homeopathy is safe to use pre-conception and beyond - and is useful for a variety of pregnancy-related conditions, as well as during birth and for the 4th trimester (postnatal depression and more).

Seeing the success of Homeopathy during my pregnancy journey inspired me to become a Homeopath, and in 2010 I graduated as DipHomNZ. I’m based on Waiheke Island and work with individuals, families, and pets throughout New Zealand and worldwide online. 

If you'd like some specialised support for your pregnancy related issues (including miscarriage), feel free to contact me via the link below.

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