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Encouraging labor naturally with Homeopathy

pregnant woman homeopathy for birth

As any pregnant Mother knows, the countdown to baby’s due date can be equally exciting, and nerve wracking!

There can be a lot of pressure as the EDD (estimated due date) draws near. This date is always a guess at best, and babies usually arrive up to two weeks either side of this (sometimes earlier).

However, the closer a woman gets to the 40 week pregnant mark, there is a greater sense of urgency as this can be when medical interventions are increasingly suggested. If labor hasn’t begun naturally by 42 weeks, there is a much higher chance of cesarean sections and medicated induction methods, including:

  • Premature rupture of membranes

  • IV medications such as Pitocin

  • Prostaglandin suppositories 


Important note:

Of course, there may be times when it IS necessary to have medical interventions, particularly if the mother has gestational diabetes or other health issues, or there are complications with the baby. This blog is not appropriate for Mothers in that situation, but is geared towards normal, healthy Mothers and Babies. If you do have pregnancy complications, please contact your midwife, obstetrician or other medical professional. 

Encouraging labor naturally with Homeopathy

If your pregnancy has been progressing well, and your baby is healthy and happy tucked up in Mama’s womb but needs a little encouragement to embrace the big, wide world, these remedies can help.

Homeopathic remedies to encourage natural labor and birth, and avoid induction:

1. Caulophyllum (Blue Cohosh)

This is a favorite among homeopathic remedies for labor induction. It helps with weak or irregular contractions by toning the uterus and aiding in cervical dilation. It can be taken once a day in a 30C potency 2-3 days before the EDD (estimated due date), and for an additional three days afterwards if needed. 

2. Pulsatilla

Known for its gentle approach, Pulsatilla is often recommended for women feeling emotionally sensitive or weepy. It’s also used when labor seems slow to progress or if the baby is in a breech position. It can be taken in a 200C potency to turn a breech baby after 38 weeks. My general guideline here is to take it once a day for up to three days. If there is no change after that time, please book in for a consultation with me. 

3. Cimicifuga (Black Cohosh)

Similar to Caulophyllum, Cimicifuga is believed to prepare the uterus for labor by promoting strong, regular contractions. The difference with this remedy and Caulophyllum, is those needing this remedy also feel noticeably stressed and anxious.

 4. Gelsemium

This remedy can be helpful if you're feeling weak, shaky, or overwhelmed by the thought of labor. It may provide a calming effect and boost your energy levels.

5. Sepia

Sepia is often used for women who feel irritable, exhausted, or disconnected. It’s believed to help with mental and physical exhaustion before going into labor, making the labor process smoother.

Additional support:

In addition to these homeopathic remedies, there are a few other natural methods you might consider:

- Walking: A simple activity that can help the baby move into the pelvis and stimulate contractions.

- Pelvic rocking on a yoga/swiss ball: This is a great exercise to start doing from 12 weeks gestation onwards, and if done regularly can help baby get into the correct position and reduce overdue labor. It also reduces back and pelvic pain.

- Nipple Stimulation: Can help release oxytocin, which may start contractions.

- Sex: Semen contains prostaglandins that can help soften the cervix, and orgasms can stimulate uterine contractions.

- Spicy Foods: Sometimes thought to stimulate the digestive system and potentially the uterus.

- Acupuncture/Acupressure: These techniques from traditional medicine might also encourage labor.

If you’re needing more one on one support for your pregnancy or birth, please book a time online with me. I work with people and pets worldwide, online. If you can’t find a time that suits, please email me and I will do my best to accommodate you:

Wishing you a healthy, happy and harmonious birth xx

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