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Oh Sugar! Homeopathy for Sugar Addiction

Originally published on old site - January 19, 2021

Oh Sugar!

I have a confession to make - I’m a recovering sugar addict.

I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and to me, cookies, candy, chocolate, cakes - these were all treats. A little reward for something or a pick me up. I know I’m not alone with my (former) desire for some sugary goodness. That instant hit of yumminess.

Having a bad day? Have some chocolate. Got PMT? Have some chocolate. A global pandemic is turning people’s lives upside down - bake some cookies. And then eat some chocolate.

As I approached my mid 40’s, I noticed my desire for sugar increased. Being a Homeopath and a healthy person in all other aspects, this was a concern to me. In the past, I could have a sugary treat and that would satisfy me.

But I was noticing my need for sugar was only intensifying, the more I had, the more I wanted. I wasn’t sleeping as well as I used to, my mind was foggy, my memory wasn’t as sharp. I felt “off” and I was putting on weight, despite being very physically active.

I was in a vicious cycle of fatigue, needing sugar for a pick-me-up, fatigue - and on it went.

I knew how bad sugar was for my body, what it was doing to my immune system, how it was affecting my sleep, mood, skin, and energy. After a particularly chocolate-laden holiday, I decided enough was enough - I had reached sugar overload. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I had read some research about two homeopathic remedies in particular, that had been beneficial for those who had sugar addictions - Argentum Nitricum and Saccharum Officinale.

Argentum Nitricum (silver nitrate)

is a powerful remedy that is famous for antidoting Sugar Poisoning. It has even been known to cure persons of having an actual craving for sugar.

This remedy particular suits persons who are: extroverted and cheerful with an open personality. They may have many fears and anticipatory anxiety. Their fears may include: fear of being late, anxiety about health, anxiety preparing for a test, anxiety when alone etc.

Saccharum Officinale

is a remedy made from sugar (not saccharine, artificial sugar as the name may suggest) and was rediscovered by Dr Tinus Smits of The Netherlands. Reports show that early homeopaths used Saccharum effectively for rickets, infections, scurvy, and “affections of the spleen”, and the homeopathic journals of the day reported some astounding clinical observations and cases. With the passage of time, the remedy had been forgotten, since it was no longer required in homeopathic practice.

Fast forward a few decades and the need for this wonderful remedy has exploded.

Commonly seen in children (or adults) who are compensating for a lack of affection in early life (or perceived lack of affection), the craving for sugar in those needing this remedy is extreme. Literally eating sugar out of the sugar bowl or devouring every sweet snack in the household. There is an insatiable desire for sugar.

So how does it stop the cravings? Being homeopathic it works at a deeper level and helps the person emotionally with their forsaken feelings. As a result, they don’t have the urge for sweets. Saccharum is also beneficial for someone who wants a healthier diet but is having trouble changing their eating habits, and has been successfully used as one of the remedies to treat ADHD.

There are other, equally powerful remedies that can assist to curb those all-encompassing sugar cravings. Homeopathy always works best when prescribed on individual symptoms, matching a person’s personal history to the remedy that most fits their whole picture - not just a snippet.

I matched my symptoms with the remedy that suited my overall picture the most, and that, coupled with a desire to improve my overall health and change how I felt, has seen this former sugar addict completely reformed! I had very few sugar cravings and now can easily walk down

the confectionary aisle in the supermarket even if I’m hungry, with no temptation.

My sleep has improved, my mood has stabilized, my skin is glowing and my brain fuzziness has completely disappeared. Feeling this good EVERY DAY beats a sugar rush every time.

If you’d like some support to give up your sugar craving, contact me. I work with people worldwide, online.

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