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Teething troubles? Restore calm with Homeopathy

Updated: Apr 15

Teething can be a stressful time for infants and parents. It can be painful and turn even the most placid of babies into a screaming, angry being! Thankfully, there are many Homeopathic remedies that can help calm and soothe this time of transition for the baby and parents. As well as using Homeopathy, you can help the baby by giving them pieces of fruit such as apples or watermelon tied in muslin to chew on or put soothers in the fridge or freezer. A clean piece of muslin rinsed in clean water left to cool in the fridge or freezer can also feel soothing on hot, inflammed gums. If your little one is experiencing teething troubles, restore calm with Homeopathy.


The remedies listed below are a guide only. Match the keynotes - the most similar aspects - of your child's symptoms to the keynotes of the remedy, for the best results. You can give up to four doses of a remedy over a 12 hour period. If there is no improvement after four doses, try something else. The great thing about Homeopathy is it is NON-HARMFUL. The remedy will either work or do nothing. To give remedies to babies and infants, crush a homeopathic pillule or tablet between two metal spoons and gently tip the powder into the baby's mouth. 

If you need more one-on-one guidance, please contact me via the booking button below. Happy Teething! 

The number one remedy for teething is Chamomilla - but only if it is indicated. If not, look at these other remedies listed alphabetically below. You can also make up a combination remedy if it's too hard to figure out what to use - I call it the ABC Remedy - Aconite, Belladonna, and Chamomilla. I also have this available for sale for New Zealand residents! 

ABC Teething

A blend of Aconite, Belladonna, and Chamomilla - if you're at your wit's end and can't figure out what to give, this may help. Put a pellet of each remedy in a glass of water, stir it, and fed a spoonful of the liquid to your baby. The mixture will keep covered in the fridge for two days. I also have this available for sale for New Zealand residents!


If teething is very painful, and the baby seems agitated or fearful, this remedy can often bring relief. The baby's face may be flushed, the gums may look inflamed, and sleep can be very restless.


Intense inflammation and gum pain, with flushing of the face and a feeling of heat, often indicate a need for this remedy. The baby is restless, easily startled, and may tend to cry out during sleep.

Calcarea carbonica

If teething is late to begin, then slow and difficult, this remedy can be helpful. The baby may seem sad or anxious with the pain, making chewing motions and pressing his gums together, often even while sleeping. Babies who need this remedy are usually chubby, slow to learn to crawl or walk, and their heads often sweat during naps or sleep at night.

Calcarea phosphorica

This remedy may be helpful to a child whose teeth are late to come in, with aching in the gums and trouble sleeping. Irritability, picky eating habits, and stomachaches are other indications. A child who needs this remedy often is allergic to many foods and may tend toward early tooth decay.


This remedy is often indicated when a child seems extremely irritable or angry and the pain appears to be unbearable. Babies may feel agitated, scream and hit, and want to be rocked or carried constantly to distract them from the pain. The gums may be so tender that touching them is intolerable — or they may feel better from hard pressure and biting down on something cold. They may also have greenish diarrhea (or stools that look like chopped egg white and spinach).

Coffea cruda

This remedy can be helpful when a child seems excitable and has trouble sleeping because of teething pain. Distressing pain in the gums often is relieved by holding something cold on them.


If a child seems very emotional, upset, or sad because of teething, this remedy may bring relief. The baby's sleep may be light and restless, with jerking or twitching in the arms and legs.


This remedy may be helpful if the child has irritating saliva and severe discomfort during teething. Teeth that decay soon after coming in often indicate a need for Kreosotum.

Magnesia phosphorica

This remedy is often helpful for painful teething, relieved by pressing on the painful area and by heat. The baby may seem happier when drinking something warm from a cup or bottle, or when biting down on an object. A warm washcloth or hot water bottle held against the cheek may also help relieve the pain.


This remedy may be indicated if a baby with teething pain constantly presses his or her gums together very hard, or tries to bite down on anything in reach.


A baby who is very tearful during teething and wants to be constantly held and comforted may respond to this remedy. Biting on something cold may help and warmth increases discomfort. Cool food and drinks or being out in the open air also bring improvement.

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