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The Homeopathic Consultation

The Homeopathic consultation - or Homeopathic conversation, as I prefer to call it, is a vastly different experience for those unfamiliar with Homeopathy. Unlike a standard doctor’s visit, the initial consultation takes between 60 - 90 minutes. During that time I ask a range of questions: such as medical history, family medical history, food likes and dislikes, fears, recurring dreams, etc. The reason I do this is to get as much information as I can about you - the client - and match the remedy that matches your unique set of symptoms and energetic blueprint. I often say Homeopathy is like peeling an onion - it’s a process of gently revealing each layer to get to the core of the issue underneath. Once that issue is established and the correct remedy prescribed, that issue often disappears. Many people find the Homeopathic conversation itself, is a healing process. Often it’s the first time someone has been fully heard and fully listened to. Depending on the condition being treated, it can be resolved within a few days of taking the correct remedy. Deep-seated issues generally take longer, and it can be a process of taking a remedy for a few days or weeks, and then changing to another remedy as the old symptoms shift, change, or disappear. Remedy selection is based on the law of Similiars - or like curing like. A substance that can cause symptoms, in Homeopathic form can cure them - e.g Belladonna, or Deadly Nightshade. Belladonna in its raw form if ingested, can cause dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tachycardia, loss of balance, staggering, headache, rash, flushing, severely dry mouth and throat, slurred speech, urinary retention, constipation, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, and convulsions. However, Belladonna in its Homeopathic form has no active material and is completely safe to use. It treats those same symptoms listed above: dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, staggering, headache, rash, flushing etc. There are several thousand Homeopathic remedies now available, many have similar aspects. Sometimes, the remedy chosen might not have the same rapid healing response as another - it doesn't quite match. This is when another remedy will be selected. Or, it may alleviate some of the unwanted symptoms, but not all. This is all normal. Homeopathy triggers the body's own healing response - how fast or slow that happens varies from person to person. Again, depending on the issue being treated, and also on an individual's vital force, or energy. I walk with my clients on their healing journey - I am just the facilitator. It is very important to commit to follow-up appointments as required. This is essential to ascertain if the remedy needs to be altered in any way, and to check in to see how you are progressing. Everyone heals at a different pace - depending on the issue. For some, one follow-up is all that is required. The issue is resolved swiftly and there is no need to further prescribe. For others, it may be a long walk to wellness - with triumphs along the way. Unlike conventional supplements or medications, with Homeopathy you may be told to take only one pillule a day for a week, or a few days, and then stop. The remedy continues to stimulate healing even after you physically stop taking it. If another remedy is required, often there is a few days or weeks break in between taking a new remedy. This is all part of the healing process. Communication is key - I always encourage my clients to contact me if there's anything they're unsure or confused about. I look forward to walking with you on YOUR wellness journey. If you'd like to discuss your health needs, book a free 15-minute discovery chat here

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