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Hepatitis and Homeopathy

12 May 2022

Hepatitis is in the headlines at the moment - although it is a disease that has been prevalent in the world for decades. Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver, and there are five different types of viruses that cause it.

Hepatitis A and E viruses can cause acute infections (infections that last less than 6 months). Hepatitis B, C, and D viruses can cause acute and chronic (lasting longer than 6 months and typically ongoing) liver infections.


Hepatitis A (HAV)

Hepatitis A is an acute infection. The patient typically recovers without treatment. Hepatitis A is caused by eating contaminated food, or drinking water, through an infected person’s stool, or by anal-oral contact during sex.

Hepatitis B (HBV)

Hepatitis B can cause acute or lead to chronic infection. Hep B is spread by contact with an infected person’s blood, semen, or other body fluid.

Hepatitis C (HCV)

Hepatitis C can cause acute or chronic infection which can lead to liver damage from mild to severe scarring (cirrhosis) and high risk for liver cancer. Hepatitis C is the leading cause for liver transplants in the U.S. Hep C is transmitted in the same way as Hep B.

Hepatitis D (HDV)

Hepatitis D is a virus that can exist while being infected with Hepatitis B at the same time, meaning this is a co-infection.

Hepatitis E (HEV)

Hepatitis E is a virus much like Hep A in that it is typically transmitted by drinking contaminated water, or by an infected person’s stool, oral-anal contact. It can also be transmitted by eating undercooked pork or wild game. Hep E can cause swelling of the liver, but generally no long-term damage.


There has been a higher than the normal number of reported cases of Hepatitis in children globally in recent weeks - with experts unsure as to why. A common theory relates to adenovirus type 41, because many of the children with hepatitis have tested positive for this virus. Adenovirus 41 is known to infect children and cause symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, and fever, although it has not previously been linked to hepatitis.


What are the signs and symptoms of Hepatitis?

  • Yellow sclera (or whites of the eye)

  • Dark urine despite drinking lots of water

  • Pale coloured bowel motions

  • Nausea

  • Loss of appetite

  • Abdominal pain in the liver region

  • Prolonged bruising

How can Homeopathy help?

Homeopathic remedies can help reduce the viral load of Hepatitis and speed up the body’s healing response.

Hepatitis is best treated by a qualified, professional Homeopath. The remedies listed below are the most commonly used homeopathic remedies for Hepatitis and are a guide only.


Chelidonium - This is one of the top homeopathic liver remedies. Chelidonium is very effective in treating an enlarged liver with tenderness. Dull, throbbing pain in the region of the liver may be present along with the characteristic yellow sclera and other symptoms mentioned above.


Arsenicum Album - This is helpful for Hepatitis with burning liver pain that is relieved with warm drinks


Other commonly used remedies include:






Nux vomica

China officinalis


As with anything with Homeopathy, look at the individual symptoms of the patient rather than their diagnosis when looking at treatment options and please seek the guidance of a professional Homeopath. I am available for consultations worldwide, online.



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