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Anxious Dogs? Homeopathy to the Rescue

Updated: Apr 15

As a pet owner myself, I know how precious pets are. It can be distressing to both the animal and the owner when a loved pet is stressed and anxious. Sometimes, a dog may start to exhibit signs of anxiety or behavioral disorders when there has been a major change in their life - moving house, a new baby, a bereavement, or simply a change in routine. I

Or, it may be a rescue dog or a recent adoptee, adapting to a new life. Older rescue dogs may have some abuse or neglect in their background which understandably has caused them to have anxiety or other behavioral issues such as being reactive or fearful. 

The great news is, that the right Homeopathic remedy can help turn these behaviors around and gently ease these fears and anxieties. Animals respond beautifully to Homeopathy! 

For animals that have had issues for a long period of time, please be patient. Like any chronic (long lasting complaint), it can take time to see a complete reversal of symptoms. The remedies outlined below are a guide only.

For more severe cases, please contact me and I can work out a programme to get your loved pet back on tothe  path to happiness. 


These pets will be over-anxious and over-sensitive to noise and are easily startled. They can become extremely distressed and panic-stricken and feel very vulnerable. This is a great remedy for when their emotions are very intense and are brought on suddenly.  An easy way to remember Aconite is fear + fright = Aconite.


This is a great remedy for those pets who are very anxious, fearful, and insecure. These pets can’t be left on their own as this is very frightening for them. They are quick to panic and need to be reassured. These are the pets that are going to demand attention, but this does nothing to reduce their insecurities.


This remedy is good for all noise phobias. These are the pets that are going to be very restless, nervous, and fearful. They tend to be sensitive to sudden noises and easily startle and may be fearful of being touched. This remedy is good for all noise phobias.


This is the first remedy to think of if the dog develops or has, a fear of water. It may be to the extreme where the dog will even be scared to drink water, or they get agitated by the sound or sight of water.


 This remedy is specific for fears of thunderstorms, sensitivity to noise, and being easily startled with marked irritability.


This is a great remedy for fireworks when we see marked trembling especially from a fright. They can be timid, express terror, or be  scared after a fright, and fear.

Argentum Nitricum 

Argentum Nitricum (or Arg Nit) s a great remedy when the nervous system is affected especially with anxiety and a range or multiple fears.

Dosage guidelines:

I recommend a 30c potency for home prescribing, one every 2-3 hours for an Acute situation (such as fireworks), but stop as soon as symptoms improve.

For other types of anxieties, one pellet once a day for up to three days, but stop as soon as symptoms improve.

How to administer remedies:

A pellet can be given directly to the dog (try to avoid handling the remedies as much as possible), by putting it straight into the dog's mouth or inside the cheek. Alternatively, dissolve the pellet in a little water, and syringe it directly into the dog's mouth.

The third option is to put a pellet into the dog's water bowl, just be aware the dog will be getting a dose each time it has a drink. I recommend removing the bowl after each dose and clean it thoroughly before refilling with fresh water.

Rescue remedy – This is a wonderful remedy as an in-between to help settle anxiousness and restlessness, and can be easily sprayed into the water bowl or onto their nose.


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